Chapter 10Mature

Chapter 10

FBI agent Yusef Ahmed was a tall, broad shouldered and well built man of about 40 with short, thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He was a widower who lived with his twin daughters, Amira and Afia in Pine Hills, one of the western neighbourhoods of Albany. Outside of his work Yusef enjoyed playing non commercial billiards, cycling and playing the piano. Right now, he was siting with his two daughters at the dining table, tucking into Sunday morning breakfast and reading the newspaper.


Sarah handed a neatly typed report over to Tanya and Jack.

"That was all the information I could find on Calista Eastwood." She then left the office quietly, closing the door behind her. The sherrif and the chief deputy perused the report.

"Nothing much there. Calista was an only child, moved out of her parents' house at sixteen, went to university and graduated in English, became a lecturer, had a string of boyfriends none of whom she kept in touch with, seemed to be smart, domineering and headstrong, disliked but treated cordially and politely, no known enemies."

Tanya sighed. "It seems like we have hit a dead end there. Did Max interview Armando?"

Jack nodded. "He wasn't able to tell us much either. Poor fellow seems quite torn up over.." he cleared his throat, "that woman, but then again the heart chooses."

"Why don't we send some officers down to Hudson River?" suggested Tanya. "That was where the killer left their victim last time."

Jack agreed with this suggestion.


Dr Stanley Poole was a  burly man with a roundish face and dark brown curls. It was when he was leaving his local GP's surgery at the end of the day that he had a vague feeling he was being shadowed. He turned and glanced behind him and then ahead of him. Nothing. He cast another glance round before walking on. Just as he was nearing Hudson River he felt himself caught and blindfolded. He struggled but his wrists were bound together behind him with a length of rope. Stanley struggled but what he felt after that was excruciating pain. After the first few blows to his back he passed out and knew no more.

The End

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