Chapter 9Mature

Chapter 9

Armando returned home after eight o clock. He had had a meeting which was why he was late. He parked his car in the road outside and then walked towards hisfront door. It was then that Armando noticed something was wrong. The door was ajar and flapping open in the wind. He shut the door and tested his house key on it but the lock wasn't working. Armando knocked and called out Calista's name. There was no reply.

Going in and shutting the door, he seached the house. There was no sign of Calista and nothing seemed to be missing or out of place. Worried, he picked up the phone and dialled 911.


Jack was on his coffee break when Deputy Sarah Woodward knocked on the door.

"Yes Sarah,what is it?"

"I thought you might like to know Sherrif. There's a missing person case and it could be connected to the death of Bryan Krugar."

Jack was interested. He gestured towards a chair and Sarah sat.

"Do you want a coffee?"

"Yes thanks. Milk no sugar."

Jack made the coffee and handed it to her. Sarah took it gratefully and sipped it.

"Who is the missing person?"

Sarah set her coffee down on one of the coasters on Jack's desk.

"A Miss Calista Eastwood. Her fiancee Armando arrived home late from a meeting the other day and found indications that someone had broken into his house. Officers on the scene noticed the lock had been picked. Also his fiancee has vanished."

"No sign of any attempted robbery?"

"None. Nothing was missing or out of place."

"There could be a connection. If there is we know now that our unknown killer is targetting both men and women."

"It certainly seems like it."

"Sarah, would you be able to find out anything you can about Calista. I'll consult Chief Deputy Blackburn and then send Deputy Max Bradshaw to interview anyone connected to the missing woman."

"Yes Sir and thanks for the cofffee".

Sarah picked up the coffee and drained it  before leaving Jack's office.

The End

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