Chapter 8Mature

Chapter 8

Tanya arrived home to find her daughter Abigail had already prepared dinner. Abi  and her mom had an arrangement. Abi would make dinner in the weekdays and Tanya would cook lunch and dinner during the weekend. Their daily lunch of course they bought from the school or work canteen respectively. Today Abi had made fish fingers with spaghetti hoops and she and Tanya tucked in. Both loved fish fingers.

"How did things go today at work mom?" asked Abi, cutting up her first fish finger.

Tanya sighed. "Bit of a dead end darling. We made that statement to the press as Jack suggested and apart from a few prank calls, nothing."

"Was dad there?" asked Abi.

Abi's dad was Deputy Max Bradshaw. He had once been married to Tanya but the pair had divorced. Abi lived with Tanya but spent the weekends with Max.

"Yeah, he was".

Abi was fifteen and in Grade 11 at High School. As both Max and Tanya worked full time, Max was unable to look after Abi in the weekdays as he wanted to but both trusted her to stay at home until Tanya returned from work.


Jack was also divorced from his wife Selina. Like Tanya he had similar arrangements for his daughter Lauren, who was a year older than Abi and in the final grade of High School. Lauren Hawkins lived with her dad but went to visit her mom at weekends. Jack was very tired today after dealing with a lot of paperwork in his office so he made them both baked beans on toast.

Just as Abi resembled Tanya in physical appearance, Lauren resembled Jack. Lauren and Jack had a similar conversation about Jack's work and then Lauren filled her dad in on things that occured at school that day. Lauren was much smarter and more outspoken than Abi though both had a closeness to their dad in common.

The End

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