Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7

If anyone had been passing Calista's house, the light of the nearest streetlamp would have dimly highlighted two shadows; moving, struggling. One shadow, more prominent, resembling a tall, strong, masculine figure was bearing down upon a shorter shadow which struggled for all it was worth, it's long curls flying as it's head moved. A bump. One shadow had thrown the other onto the floor. This was followed very shortly by a ripping sound as if of material being torn. A muffled cry penetrated the eerie silence. There was the sound of further movement and finally the creak of a floorboard.


He stood up, glancing down at Calista. Calista was lying on a large, square, red rug on the floor, her long blonde curls half covering her shocked white face. Half the buttons had fallen off her blouse, which flapped open and her skirt was twisted round her bare and bruised legs. He pulled up his crumpled white shirt which was unbuttoned at the top. His jacket was also unbuttoned and his trousers dusty. He once more glanced at Calista who lay huddled on the floor, terrified. First of all he pulled on a pair of white disposable gloves that he  had brought with him. Then, reaching into his jacket, he pulled out a sedative that he had prepared beforehand. It was such a stroke of luck that he was staying with his cousin and that his cousin was an anesthetist.

He knelt down beside a shellshocked Calista who stared up at him through blank, glassy eyes. Pulling up her sleeve, he injected the sedative into her before placing the syringe back in his inside pocket. He listened hard. The house was empty and silent. The sedative took effect in a few minutes. He lifted a drugged Calista in his arms and, pulling the blanket off the bed, wrapped her in it. He trod lightly down the stairs and placed her in the sitting room on the sofa while he glanced out of the window. There was no sign of Armando or anyone else. He unbolted, unchained and opened the door. He then unlocked the car door and opened it, pocketing the keys.

Returning, he lifted Calista in his arms after first shutting down her eyelids as a precaution. Carrying her to his car, he put her in the pasenger seat and buckled the seatbelt. He wanted anyone who happened to see them to assume he was giving her a lift and she had fallen asleep on the way. He returned to the house and shut the door before retracing his steps to his car. He got in himself, shut the door, buckled his seatbelt and inspected himself in the rear view mirror before driving off.

He made for Hudson River, making sure no-one was following him. Stopping at a discreet distance, he got out and glanced around. This part of the river bank was deserted. Opening the passenger door, he lifted Calista up in his arms, carried her to the river and dropped her in. Removing his white disposable gloves, he tossed them into the water as well. Returning to his car, he climbed in, buckled his seatbelt, and locked all the doors from the inside, before placing the keys in the ignition and driving off into the night.

The End

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