Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5

Calista Eastwood was an average height, plump woman of 36 with long blonde curls and cerulean blue eyes. She lived in a semi detached house in the city of Troy, some miles away from Albany along the Hudson River. Calista was employed as an English lecturer at the University of Albany and she commuted by bus from Troy to Albany and back each weekday.

She shared her house with her fiancee, Armando Stewart who was a Maths lecturer at the same university. In contrast to Calista, Armando was a strapping man with fine, dark hair and eyes. His modulated tone was also much more pleasing to the ear than his fiancee's honeyed voice, just as his pleasant, easygoing manner was much more appealing than Calista's smartness and domineering, headstrong attitude. Most of Armando's friends and colleagues could not understand why he had got engaged to Callista, who despite her professional success tended to irritate people but he protested that he saw past her flaws and loved her for who she was so they respected his decision.

For a few weeks now, Calista had had the uneasy feeling that she was being followed. Sometimes, on leaving the campus and treading the long, rather lonely pavement towards the bus stop, she sensed a movement or heard a footstep behind her. Yet on looking back, she didn't see anyone. Then again the trees and the buildings would shield anyone following her from view and anyone deft and agile enough could always dart out of sight as she turned.

This also happened on the way from the bus stop to her house. Yet if there was someone following her, so far this unknown person had made no attempt at all to contact her. He or she left no gifts, love tokens or threatening notes. She wondered occasionally if this was just her fancy, which was why she had not mentioned anything to Armando yet. She noticed that Armando made no mention of being followed himself so either it was in her mind or the unknown stalker had no interest in her fiancee, only in her.

The End

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