Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

Ralph Palmer the pathologist bent over the body. "Male, been dead a few days, at a guess he was beaten up and thrown in the river though it is difficult to tell whether he drowned or was already deceased when he was thrown in the water."

"Any ID on him?"

Ralph searched and then extracted a sodden wallet from the man's inside pocket. He handed it to Sherrif Jack Hawkins. The Sherrif opened the wallet and found the man's driving licence.

"Bryan Krugar" he read. He closed the wallet and pocketed it, intending to take it down to the station.

"May I take the body away now?" interjected Ralph.

"Sure" the sherriff replied. He craned his neck to glance across to the bench where a fair haired woman was consoling a distraught Mathuri.

"Could you please tell Chief Deputy Blackburn that I'll meet her back at the station?"

Ralph nodded.


"So did you run a search on this Bryan Krugar?" asked Jack.

Deputy Sarah Woodward nodded, and handed Jack a neatly typed report. "He was employed at a job centre here in Albany, he's 32, married. He was reported missing about a fortnight ago."

"Thanks Sarah."

"No problem."

Sarah left, nearly colliding with Chief Deputy Blackburn on the way out.

"Ah, Tanya. You arrived very opportunely. Sarah just gave me the information on our victim."

Tanya was a tall, slender, fair haired woman of about 35 with turquoise blue eyes. The sherrif though also tall, was broad shouldered and well built. His straight hair was short while Tanya's was long and his hair and eyes were dark brown.

She sat down opposite Jack and they perused the report together.

"Someone needs to inform the wife. I think it'll be better coming from you Tanya."

Tanya nodded agreement.

"How is Mathuri?"

"She's stlll very shaken. I couldn't give her a number to call as she doesn't have a phone, and I felt heartless paying her so I gave her father the wage instead."

Jack nodded.

"Well, all we can do at the moment is question everyone who knew Bryan Krugar from his work colleagues to his wife and find out if there was anyone with a motive to kill him."

The End

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