Death By Planet-Chapter 2: LennonMature

I truly hate this planet, I thought, when I walked into a dust cloud, unable to shield my eyes in time. I cried out in pain and rubbed my eyes. I should have known by then that rubbing only makes it worse.Shit. That hurts.

            I tried to blink, still blind, and I stopped walking.

            “Lennon, honey?” My mom called from inside the “house” (which was different than the ones on earth in many ways). On Mars the houses were domed buildings. They didn’t look like houses. Nothing looked right on Mars.

            Our front windows were open, so my mom could hear me groaning in pain. “What, Mom?” My voice came out with an edge. I hated it when she called me “honey”.

            I heard her come out of our house, but my eyes were still closed. I felt my eyes burning, I didn’t think I’d be able to see ever again.

            “What’s wrong, sweetie? You forgot your lunch.”

            Sweetie. Another name that I hated. “Right, thanks,” I told her. She was probably holding my dorky lunchbox out, so I ventured to open my eyes. The ground was blurry, but I could see. The ground was not earth-like, but reddish brown and cracked.

            I took my lunch from her and began to walk away without showing her eyes. They were no doubt completely red now.

            “Lennon, what happened?”

            “I walked into a fucking dust cloud, Mom.”For like the third time this week.

             “Lennon Riley, watch your mouth!” I must have harmed her delicate ears.

           God, I am in a really bad mood today. And I now I have to go to school. Joy of my life.

            “Bye, Mom.” I walked off, my eyes hurting every time that I blinked.

            It never took long to get to school on foot, but I still didn’t like it much. I had to avoid dust clouds and it was always hot outside, even in the early mornings.

            I saw the dome-shaped (Surprised? Don’t be.) high school up ahead and I got the same thought I always did when I was nearing school.

I wish Jules was here.

Juliet Romaine. My best friend. The greatest person I knew. I suppose I didn’t even know her anymore since it’s been awhile. What if she changed?

Even if she did change, she would still know what to do on a bad day. And today was a bad day.

Jules always knew what to say to me. She had an answer for everything it seemed. If I asked her an opinionated question, she knew what to say. If I asked her advice, she knew just how to give it. She still did it over email or a phone call, but it wasn’t the same. It was so cute, the way she contemplated things. Her brow furrowed and she got this look of such deep thought, I could always tell that the way she said things was important to her. It was too cute to even describe.

I miss her. I miss everything about that girl.

Time didn’t seem to pass at all between the point of which I was staring at school and when I was walking through the front doors. I just went through the motions of walking to school, all the while thinking of Juliet.

The girls at school didn’t compare to her. I tried to compare. As awful as it sounds, I tried to find a replacement for her. I tried to find a different best friend. Someone more beautiful and more fun and who knew me better. Some girl that could help me get over her.

Nothing helped. Even when I went out with hot girls. (I can’t really get the hottest girls in school, but I managed to get the decently hot girls). Not even when one girl wanted to have sex with me. I turned her down, despite the pleas of my lower half. Nothing felt right. Every time that I kissed a girl I was thinking of Jules and I couldn’t help it.

Damn. I’m pathetic.I thought of that a lot. My patheticness. Is that a word? Whatever. I could never help thinking that I was a big loser for being in love with the same girl for like ten years. It’s pathetic right? Especially when I knew she didn’t love me back. I mean, how could she? I was nothing special. Not particularly attractive, I had blue eyes and brown hair, so I suppose I had a face on the level of okay at least. But I was a skinny twerp. Short and scrawny.

I opened my locker and pulled my stuff out, again not recognizing that time actually passed. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be so out of it by the time class started.

I had Chemistry first hour and it sucked. I didn’t understand it and neither did my partner. I walked towards the staircase closest to the Chem room. A kid was standing there, not looking very healthy. In fact, he looked like he was going to be sick. He was pale and he stood by the garbage can, waiting for the time when he needed to use it.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked him.

His eyes widened at me. “Your eyes, they’re red. Like insanely red dude, holy shit.” He covered his mouth with his hand, suddenly heaving.

Oh, damn.I forgot that the kid was Paul Jenkins. He was a nervous kid who was grossed out easily, especially by red eyes and blood.Shit. I’m in for it now.

And I was. I didn’t even have time to move before Paul vomited all over my shoes.

F my life. This is one crappy day.

The End

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