Chapter 18Mature

Chapter 18

Eadric made a full confession at the police station. He was then charged with theft and three murders before being remanded in custody. After his police interview, Eadric handed James Melanie's car keys, asking him to return them to her husband. Much to James's surprise, Eadric also wrote out a cheque for the damage the fire had caused to Melanie's car and to the houses of the other two victims.

"I have nothing against Mr Fakhar or Mr Talbot" Eadric explained, as he handed over the cheque, "and I'm sorry property had to be damaged for me to remove those three women from my life."

James looked at him. "Would you have continued killing if we hadn't caught you?" he asked.

It was a few minutes before Eadric replied. "Perhaps".


"Well that's the end of that". James sighed as he filed away the case notes. "At least we solved the case. This is going to sound so weird but, while I usually hate the criminals we bring in, I don't hate Eadric, even if he has killed three people."

"Nor do I." Helen paused. "I guess it's true what they say about things not being black and white in life."

"But obviously we still have to do our job and justice must still be served."


James glanced at Helen. "Can I take you out tonight?"

"Helen smiled. "Anywhere in particular?"

"Branca Restaurant?"

Helen made no answer. She just leaned in and kissed him. James kissed back and then smiled.

"Is that a yes?"

"It's yes and also thank you."

He put his arm round her. "You're welcome love."

The End

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