Chapter 16Mature

Chapter 16

Melanie was still wearing her handbag and hadn't taken off her coat which made everything easier than before. Swapping bags with Melanie at the shop had been simple, as had tripping her up so that she would hurt her ankle and couldn't leave. He opened her handbag, removed her car keys which he pocketed, and then closed her handbag, not bothering about the house keys this time. Getting Melanie to the car in broad daylight on a Saturday was going to be very tricky. First of all, he walked out of the door as usual, careful to appear normal and casual. After a swift glance round, he unlocked the car and, leaving the door open went back in, careful to pocket the keys. He didn't want anyone stealing the car after all.

He lifted Melanie up and slowly carried her to the car and dumped her in the passenger seat. It was tough work carrying her out but there was no wheelchair this time and he couldn't get hold of one without arousing suspicion. Buckling the seatbelt firmly, he went back for Melanie's shoes and shopping bag, placing the shoes on Melanie's feet and the bag on the car floor beside her. Closing the door to the passenger side, he got in on the driver's side, buckled his own seatbelt, placed the keys in the ignition and drove off. Where he would go exactly, he had no idea. His plan was to drive to some distant location where there was not a soul in sight and then torch the car before finding a way to return home. At least his mom would be back home late tonight.

He glanced at Melanie. She would not remain sedated long, espeially since she had eaten only one chocolate. Luckily for him he had brought the rest of the chocolates with him, so he could always persuade her to have another. Turning right, he cursed when he saw there was a traffic jam. He made to back out but too late, there was already another car behind him, a white Nissan Sunny. Grunting, he reluctantly slowed the car to a stop. Opening the box, he took a chocolate truffle and, opening Melanie's mouth placed it inside. He didn't care if anyone saw him. If she started to come out of her drugged sleep she would either have to eat the chocolate or choke.

He looked in the rearview mirror anyway. The couple behind him were kissing. He heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn't likely they would have seen what he did then. While he waited for the traffic to clear, he watched them. Surely that was DS Fairfax and DI Peraide. The man and the woman suddenly broke apart and the man honked his horn loudly. Remembering that the light had turned green now, he nodded and drove on.


Helen laughed as they drove on.

"That guy was too busy watching us kissing  to notice the light had turned green."

"Yeah" James replied. "In fact it wasn't even a guy - the chap looked like he had only just passed his driving test. Must be about seventeen or so."

"Who was that next to him?" asked Helen

"What?" asked James

"I thought I saw a woman next to him, asleep it looked like."

"So? He was probably giving her a lift."

"Wait a minute. A seventeen year old guy drives a much older woman who appears to be asleep out in a red economy car two weeks after another woman was abducted in the same way and then murdered."

"Oh my God." James put a hand to his head. "But it's a Saturday, surely..."

"This killer's not stupid. He knows we are watching the school."

"Call Haki Helen, while I drive. We musn't lose him just in case this is what we think it is."

The End

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