Chapter 15Mature

Chapter 15

On this same Saturday, James and Helen were sitting at James's dining table, going over the case. Having the school watched in the past week or two had yielded no results. On the contrary, police officers were becoming sick of following any car that happened to leave the school after hours only to find that it was for a normal reason that had nothing to do with the two murders. Nothing unusual had happened in the school either and as far as anyone knew the murderer had not struck again.

Haki left one constable in charge of keeping an eye on the school all the same, but he did not bother having any cars followed. Instead he had told Helen and James to concentrate on trying to solve the two cases they were already working on - the Mary Evron and Judith Talbot cases. Helen had interviewed Judith's husband who confirmed that Eadric Stevens had indeed once lived next door to them and that  he had often had arguments with his mother that penetrated through the walls, though he denied this had anything to do with them choosing to move.

James had communicated this information to Haki, pointing out that Eadric had a connection to both victims so Haki had instructed that Eadric be watched by the police while in the school. So far he had done nothing out of the ordinary and there was no evidence that he had anything to do with the other two murders. After clearing away their papers, James had made lunch for both of them. They now sat on the sofa and talked about other things.

James glanced out of the window. "Would you like to go for a drive?" he asked.

Helen nodded.

The End

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