Chapter 13Mature

Chapter 13

It was 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning and Melanie had just finished marking an entire pile of Geography excersise books. She glanced out of the window. Now would be the perfect time to go out. She considered her options. She had agreed to meet up with her friend Gemma at 4 p.m. That was ages away. She could walk into town and do the weekly shopping either now or tomorrow. She decided to go now. Melanie dressed and headed out.

At the local supermarket, she was surprised to run into someone she knew.

"Hi" Melanie said, smiling.

"Oh hi". He went over to her, shopping basket in hand. "I hadn't expected to run into you here."

"Nor I you."

There was silence for a few minutes.

"Well I'd better get on. It was nice to see you."

"It was nice to see  you too."

Melanie hadn't expected to see him again until Monday but since the checkouts they used were side by side, they ran into each other by the door.

He and Melanie both put down their shopping bags and exchanged conversation for a moment or two. Then they said goobye, each picking up their own bag.

It was only when she arrived home that Melanie realised that she had accidentally swapped bags with him. She groaned. Good thing Bryan had gone to stay at his brother's for a while.

She called up to Esther who was on the computer.

"Esther, I accidentally swapped shopping bags with someone at the supermarket. I'm just going to return him his and bring mine back. It's someone I know at HollyBrook School so I have his contact details."

"Sure mum" Esther called back.

Melanie got out her contact book and looked up his address. She would have to take the car she realised. It was too far to walk and even though busses went there it was just easier to go and come back quickly in the car rather than wait for a bus. She got into the car, put the shopping bag in the passenger seat, buckled her seatbelt and drove off.

The End

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