Chapter 12Mature

Chapter 12

He knew the school was being watched, so he could no longer risk using the same method. He had to slightly alter his plans. He didn't mind this, but he had to give it careful thought.


Melanie Fakhar, one of the Geography teachers at HollyBrook School, was a medium height woman of about 45. She had short, straight, close cut ginger hair and green eyes. Melanie lived with her husband Bryan and her daughter Esther. All the staff at HollyBrook School had been warned to be extra cautious by both the police and the headmaster. Melanie would have preferred to leave her car at home and find alternative transport, but there were no busses to the area from where she lived and it was too far to walk.


Melanie Fakhar was the one he  hated the most, even more than Judith Talbot or Mary Evron. Ideally, she ought to have been the first victim but as Mary Evron was a part time educational psychologist, it had been more practical to kill her first. He stood, watching Melanie and burning with rage, a rage that seared through him and made his body tremble. Even the way in which Miss Fakhar walked showed that she considered herself superior to everyone else. She was a smart woman - he knew that all right. Years ago in Year Seven when she had warned about equipment detention for those who forgot to bring it and he had pretended he had dropped his ruler to cover the fact that he had forgotten it, not only had she seen through it but she had mentioned it in front of his parents at parents evening. How humiliating.

His nails bit into his palms and he savagely imagined that if only he were a wild animal, he would tear her to shreds. Still, death by fire was his modus operandi, his unique signature. By hell he had promised, promised not to light fires in the school. Yet the burning tension he felt demanded attention. He imagined setting fire to Melanie's classroom and the tension eased a little. Closing his eyes briefly, he turned and forced himself to watch and follow her. Proud, bossy, domineering, arrogant. He imagined setting fire to her car and a little more tension left his limbs. He had to think - how best could he kill her when the time came?

The End

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