Chapter 11Mature

Chapter 11

Sandra Davies the secretary, was a tall woman with short close cut black hair and glasses. She located the files James asked for and handed them over. James put them inside his briefcase and then he and Helen left.


"This is interesting". Helen was poring over one file in particular. "Read this".  She handed over some pieces of paper, neatly stapled together. James took them and read them.

"I see what you mean but it's still not proof and it doesn't explain why."

"But there is a strong possibility..."

"Yes, given the way in which both murders took place there is. The only problem is that we have no way of knowing who the next victim will be so there is just no way we can set a trap."

"We could set a watch on the school carpark. If we see any car going out after hours, we could follow it or have it followed."

"That's a good suggestion. I'll mention it to Haki. It's a shame our questioning of the husband or the neighbour did not turn up any new information."

"I think the only motive in this case is revenge" Helen mused thoughtfully. "Unless we are dealing with a compulsive killer, someone who kills to release built up tension in his body or who is fighting impulses that go against his moral beliefs..."

"I personally think it is a mixture of both revenge against someone he is resentful towards and killing compulsively. That file seems to suggest that he does have certain obsessions and compulsions. Mary Evron once treated him for the compulsive lighting of fires. I forget the term for it..."


"Yes, pyromania.  Like I said he got some treatment when he first joined the school but then he stopped it. He promised not to light any fires in the school though - that is if our suspect is the killer."

"But how can we prove it?"

"We would either have to set a watch on the school with Mr Kent's permission or try and get him to confess to someone. Unfortunately the file is not enough evidence to arrest him."


Haki approved of the idea and after consulting the headmaster, a constable was appointed to watch the school after hours.

The End

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