Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7

Judith Talbot was just walking out of S1 when she skidded and slipped. A pile of excersise books which she was carrying in one hand, fell onto the corridor floor. Her briefcase dropped from her other hand and spilled open, the wet floor scattered with papers. Suddenly, a strong hand caught hold of hers and with no great difficulty helped her up.

"Thank you". She looked up at her saviour and smiled.

"No problem". He bent down and gathered her papers and excersise books for her while she remained frozen to the spot. "

"At least your chocolates aren't squashed."

"What?" Judith asked distracted.

He held up a box of chocolate truffles. She looked at them in surprise.

"Those aren't mine".

"The box was lying open under one of the excersise books" explained her rescuer. "At least none of them fell out".

"How extraordinary. I must have taken them without realising it. I can be absent minded sometimes."

He coughed. "Er..."

She laughed. "Well, thanks for helping me."

"You're welcome. Do you want me to give you a hand with these things?"

"That would be kind of you."

The good samaritan took her excersise books, balancing the chocolates on top, and she carried her briefcase after shoving the papers back in any old how and closing the clasp.

They went together to the staircase that led to the staff room, where Judith took back the excersise books. He offered her the chocolates. She shrugged and then took them.


Judith sat down at the table in the staff room, deciding she might as well make a start at marking the Year Seven Science excersise books. She was a tall woman of about 44, with dark brown Beyonce curls and deep set dark brown eyes. She put the open box of chocolate truffles in the middle of the table, absent mindedly reaching for one in the middle of marking. The truffle was so nice she reached for a second.

After a while, Judith felt herself becoming drowsy. She pushed the excersise books to one side and, laying her head on the table dropped off, only dimly aware of a vague feeling of gladness that she was alone in the staff room just now.


He was sure the sleeping pills must have had their effect by now. He used them very sparingly in case they ran out too soon. It was possible to get more on prescription from the GP but doing that too often would lead to suspicion. Parking the wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs, he then ascended them, going directly to the staff room. This was harder than anticipated. While Mary Evron had been single and lived alone, Judith Talbot was a married woman who lived with her husband. He had discovered this when he had followed her. Knowing the victim's daily routines and habits were vital in order to plan each kill.

He pulled her chair out from behind her desk. Her head drooped. Two of the other Science teachers had taken the Year Eights on a Science trip and the third was ill, meaning this week had been perfect for the abduction. He knew that the science staff had a room of their own, seperate from the usual school staffroom. The science technicians were in the labs. He had seen them there himself. Removing the wet floor sign so that Judith would slip and then require his help had been easy. So had planting the chocolate truffles under her excersise book and pretending she had dropped them.

Approaching Judith Talbot's husband and entering into casual conversation with him had not been difficult.  All that needed to be done then was to persuade him to work late in order to resolve a crisis at the office which he himself had mentioned. Taking Judith's coat and handbag off the coat hanger, he put them back on her, first of all retrieving both her house key and her car key from the handbag.

Judith was then lifted, carried down the stairs and settled comfortably in the wheelchair, her head pushed back and her eyes closed.  Hearing a noise, he quickly wheeled her round the corner and hid. A science technician was passing. Once the technician had gone by, he wheeled her out of the back door of the lab towards the carpark, once more taking care to avoid the CCTV. Even if the CCTV caught him this time, it would only catch his back view and not his face. Since it was after hours again there was nobody in the carpark. The other two science teachers would have gone straight home afer the day trip. There was no reason to return to the school after all.

He settled Judith into the passenger seat, put her seatbelt on, and, locking the car, returned the wheelchair. Coming back, he drove her home as usual, entering her house by using her key. The house was empty. Though Judith did have a son, he was 23 and no longer lived with his parents. Bringing her in, he placed her on the sitting room sofa, and removed her shoes, coat and handbag. Unfortunately her door did not have an auto lock so this time he would be forced to steal her house key. He sighed. He wasn't a common thief. Anyway, it couldn't be helped.

Bending down, he kissed her on the forehead before heading for the kitchen. Returning with the matches, he lit one and dropped it, shutting the door securely afterwards. He was of course wearing gloves. He never took chances and the gloves were thin so it was easy to use keys while wearing them. He returned her car keys to her handbag. He never stole anything unecessarily. Locking the house door securely, the compulsive killer pocketed her keys, took a casual glance round to check he hadn't been noticed and departed, leaving Judith to her fate.

The End

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