Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6

"So, what do you think?" Helen asked as they sat in James's car together.

"Well, he seems to have taken a shine to you anyway" teased James.

Helen laughed.

"Can't blame him though" James continued slyly.

"Stop it". She laughed.

"Anyway", James hesitated, "we are sure aren't we that Mary Evron was the intended victim?"

"She must have been" Helen replied. "If the chocolates were intended for Eadric, then why did our murderer kidnap Mary and then kill her?"

"You're right. The only thing is, anyone could have gone in, noticed the chocolates and eaten them."

"True, but..."

"Well I'm just wondering if our murderer simply drugs, kidnaps and kills at random or whether he specifically targetted Mary Evron. If Mary Evron was the specific target then why use such an elaborate method? Why drug her at the school, take her home in her own car and then set fire to her house?"

"You have a point" Helen replied slowly. "Any theories?"

"Okay let us consider theory one; Mary Evron was the intended victim specifically targetted by the killer.  Since to our knowledge no stranger entered the school, it must be someone in the school. This would also explain why she was drugged in the school and then taken to her house and killed there. The killer probably had nothing against the school, only against Mary personally and felt it was too risky to kill in the school anyway evenif it was after hours. The killer if he or possibly she targetted Mary in particular, it must be someone who only knows Mary professionally - either a student or a member of staff or they wouldn't have used such an elaborate mehod."

Helen nodded. "And theory two?"

"Theory two; the killer is a senseless lunatic who places drugged chocolates in classrooms after hours and then randomly kidnaps and kills anyone who happens to eat those chocolates, and all for no apparent reason. By using the victim's car for transportation, and then murdering the victim at his or her house, the killer ensures that we cannot track him or her. If the killer used stolen transport we would be able to track them but by using the victim's own vehicle, the killer ensured that this is impossible. Also the killer easily accessed  Mary's house by using her own house keys which the then left after he killed her as he did her car. This suggests that he only uses theft to help him kill and is otherwise uninterested in it. After all nothing of Mary's was missing."

"That would also suggest that the motive was revenge rather than profit" interjected Helen. "He didn't take anything - not her papers, or her purse or even her keys beyond using them to enter her house."

"Yes, it would suggest that."

There was a few minutes silence.  Then James asked, "After we report to Superintendent Nemesio, do you want to have a cup of coffee or something?"

"Sure" Helen replied.

The End

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