Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5

Eadric Stevens met Helen and James in the library on Monday morning. He had said that he preferred to meet in the school rather than have the police go to his house.  Helen looked him up and down. He was tall and slender, with deep set black eyes and short, thick, straight black hair. He greeted them confidently, shaking hands with each of them and leading them to one of the vacant tables. There were one or two sixth formers working quietly and the librarian Miss Thomas was in her office.

James cleared his throat. "You sent us a message saying you saw Mary Evron the day she was kidnapped?"

"That's right. I saw her but only very briefly. I happened to run into her in Block A and she was looking for a free clasroom to do paperwork in. Most classrooms have clubs or after school detentions going on in them you see. I told her A9 was available and took her there before coming here to do some work."

"How did you know A9 was available?"

"I went there at first to do my work but unfortunately I needed the library books and the computer for my research, so I thought it would be better if I worked in the library instead."

James nodded. "How did Mary seem to you?"

Eadric considered. "Well, obvously I didn't know her that well but she seemed to be the same as usual really."

"She didn't seem worried or stresed or agitated?"

"No, she didn't".

Helen took up the questioning. "When you yourself were in A9 the first time, did you notice a box of chocolates on the teacher's table?"

"The teacher's table is towards the front of the room and A9 is very large. I didn't go all the way up to the front or near the teacher's desk. I sat at a table at the back near the door before I decided I'd rather work in the library and I only spent a few minutes in A9 anyway."

"So you don't know if the chocolates were placed there before you came or after you had left?"

"No I'm afraid I don't". Eadric's voice was low and steady and he held Helen's gaze briefly before dropping his eyes.

"I really like your hair" Eadric said suddenly, quite forgetting he was in a police interview, his eyes lingering on Helen's ponytail.

Helen smiled. "Thanks".

James cleared his throat. "Were the blinds drawn and the lights on when you went there, did you notice?"

"Yes they were. I just left things as they were because I wasn't sure if someone wanted to use that room or not."

"And there's nothing more you can tell us?" asked James.

Eadric shook his head. "No I'm afraid not."

Helen stood up." Well thanks for contacting us Eadric."

"You're welcome". Eadric once more shook hands with each of them in turn, his handshake firm and steady. He seemed reluctant to let go of Helen's hand but did so.

The End

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