Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

Detective Superintendent Haki Nemesio, was a calm, collected, strong willed and mysterious man of 35, who often acted as James Peraide's mentor as well as his boss. His hair was short, straight, thick and black like James's and his eyes dark brown, but unlike James he had no moustache. He was seated at his desk, reading through the pathologist's report.

"So", he summed up. "The victim was an educational psychologist who was we can surmise drugged at the school before being taken home in her own car and placed on the sofa before the killer set her house on fire and left the house."

"That's correct Sir" replied James.

"As there was no sign of forced entry to either her house or the car we must asume the killer used the victim's keys and he was very careful not to get caught on the CCTV. Ralph Palmer's pathologist report confirms that the victim, Mary Evron died from inhaling fumes, the state of her house proves the death was caused by fire. There were no batteries in the smoke alarm. The killer removed them so that the alarm wouldn't alert the neighbours. He left no fingerprints and nobody saw him."

"That's about it Sir".

Haki sighed. "Damned clever rascal." He paused. "I'm assigning you and Helen to investigate this case. Interview the Headmaster and ask him to make an announcement in assembly so that anyone staff or student who knows anything will come forward.  That will be easier than interviewing every single staff member or pupil, which considering would not only be time consuming but might be futile. As soon as you have done the interviews, report back to me, though I don't hold out much hope. Anyone could have left the chocolates there. It is definitely someone in the school as no stranger entered the premises that we know of and most students and parents had left as it was after school hours."

"Yes Sir".

The End

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