Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

 Detective Sergeant Helen Fairfax was a mesmerisingly stunning woman of 26. Her long, straight black hair was very fine and soft, and her eyes a deep brown shade. Gorgeous and mysterious, she effortlessly evoked passion from fellow human beings. In the honourable this passion was pure, while in the dishonourable it could easily transmute into desire alone, or even obsession. Helen had a tall slender figure and a striking profile. She lived with her older sister Harriet in a flat, and drove a silvery grey Ford Taurus to work.


He stood, watching the young detectve sergeant from a distance. Something about her seemed to capture him, body and soul. The side of him that felt this  instant attraction to DS Fairfax he regarded as quite seperate and distinct from the side of him that was a pyromaniac and now a compulsive killer. These two halves of his being were as seperate and distinct as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde though just as with Jekyll and Hyde, they were inextricably linked together. He made no attempt to make contact with her. Not only did he not regard himself as a stalker, he felt that she was a living version of the Holy Grail - something to be admired from a distance yet not approached, at least not until he felt ready.


Detective Inspector James Peraide was a tall, broad shouldered man of 32 with short, thick, straight black hair and a matching moustache. Just like Helen, he also possessed deep brown eyes. James generally tended to drive his white Nissan Sunny to work. However, as an environmentally consious man, outside of work hours he tended to cycle on his yellow bike. It was when he was half way through watching Saturday's cricket match that he recieved the news about Mary Evron's body being found.

The End

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