Jenna: DoubtfulMature

Jenna frowned at the words she had written. They didn't seem fitting somehow, not for what she truly felt. She rarely wrote in her diary; she always thought she was being whiny and tedious. I mean, who really cared what she was feeling? Nobody wanted to know if she felt upset, no one cared if she was having "one of those days" where she would just ignore all phone calls, all texts and hole up in her room. 

She crossed them out angrily, dragging the pen nib across the paper several times until it broke through onto the next page. Underneath her scribblings, she wrote:

Note: Need to stop complaining.

She started getting ready for school, taking comfort in the repetitive actions of showering, drying her hair, sorting for an outfit, applying make up and getting her bag packed. It was one of the few things that had remained constant in her life; her grooming habits. She had always taken care of her appearance. Looks were just as important as personality to Jenna Marston. Sure, personality was essential, but looks were critical

Her mother was working that morning, just as she did every Friday at 9am. She worked for the local supermarket, which didn't pay excessive amounts, but Jenna still had plenty of money from her dad which kept her going. She slung her Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder; a pathetic bribery present from her father when he left. She could never admit that she'd never forgiven him truly and was only speaking to him because of the money he provided her. Deep down, she was insecure, uncomfortable in her own skin. If her father had left her, that surely must mean she wasn't worth being with.

She slumped down on the sofa, deciding she had enough time to spare, and crossed one long leg over the other, flicking on the telly. A breaking news report quickly snagged her attention. 

'This is no joke ladies and gentlemen, this is a real breaking news report. Scientists in France have failed to contain a deadly virus they've been testing after one of their specimens escaped. A number of calls have already been made about people getting attacked viciously, being bitten and mauled. The calls are getting more frequent, and all we can do at this moment is pray for the French nation, and hope it is contained. We'll have regular updates on the situation as it develops,' the newsreader spoke somberly.

Her phone beeped seconds later. It was from Ellie, her best friend since Reception.

Are you watching the news? Scary shit x

Jenna quickly tapped back a reply.

I bet it's all a hoax. They did this to us on April fools day. xo

It's not April though Jenna... What if they're being serious? x

Jenna sighed, rolling her eyes. 

It won't be. Trust me. See you at school. xo

Her best friend was slightly naive at times and Jenna would be lying if she said it didn't exasperate her. Ellie was nearly seventeen for crying out loud - Jenna was. They weren't expected to believe crap like this on the telly.

As she left the house to go to school, what Jenna completely failed to notice were the blank, lifeless eyes of the figure stood at the window fixed on her with lavish hunger. 

The End

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