Lost and Alone

I watched Ellie run off with Jerry, and Juliana hurrying out the door. I grabbed my bag, making sure my wallet and phone were inside. I opene the door, and my phone rang. "Who is this?" I asked in a hard voice.

"Missy, do you remember me?"

"I recognize your voice, your the guy from the hospital!"

"That by me, little lady. I followed you here. Followed you all here. You need to get out of that there hotel right now. Trust me. I'm waiting at the entrance. Get yourself out here."

"Alright, I'm coming!" I was filled with joy, knowing that someone was watching over us. I opene the door, and shuddered. the only light on was at the end of the hall, and it was flickering constantly. I gulped, and sprinted down the corridor. I turned a corner, trying to find a bright corridor. The intercom turned on.

"Ring a round the roses, a pocket full of poses, atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down, we all fall down..." the last line was repeated over and over again. The intercom would have been broadcasted into the rooms aswell, I thought. There's nobody else here...

I began to cry, but breathed as I found the elevator. I pressed the button franticly, before getting in. The light was dim, and I pressed the button for the lobby. I waited, looking about the elevator. It was completly mirrored, even the ceiling. I shuddered, hard. The door opened, and I got out. The whole lobby was dark. It reminded me of a game I used to play, called Blood. There was one murderer, and multiple victims. If two victims touched each other in the dark, they would whisper, Hello, in their ears, then they would walk off. If a victim and a murerer meet, then the mrderer would whisper Blood in your ear. My mother and my father used to play it with me. I started hyperventalating as a firm grim held my arm. I felt lost, and all alone.

"Hello? Whose there?" asked a voice.

"Ethan!" I breathed. I could see a figure outside. I pulled him through the door. The weird doctor looked down at us.

"You!" Ethan said.

"Come on, you lot, lets get outta here, before anyone else comes." He took hold of my hand, before pulling me towards a black car. Ethan hesitated.

"Kid, come on." he said. I looked out behind him from in the car.

"Guys, look!" I began to cry again, as two dark silloettes came out. Ethan climbed in, slamming the door. The windows were tinted, and the front door slammed closed. The engine roared, and the car jolted forward, before screeching onto the road, and speeding away.

"I'm going to take you to me safe place! You'll be safe as anything there."

"Who are you, exactly?" Ethan called.

"I'm her uncle! Or, Jade's uncle. AKA, her uncle, on her father's side."  he said, speeding through a red light. I had never met any of my family on my father's side. I opened my phone, and called Ellie.


"Ellie, it's me. We're safe, for now, but we can't go back to that hotel." i sighed.

"I don't want to, either. I'm going to go now."

"Alright, bye." I closed the phone, and we got out of the car. We were outside a large, looming shadow of a building. My uncle led us inside. There was only three rooms in the whole house; a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom. Both Ethan and I went strait to the bedroom. My uncle told us to take the bed. We accepted gracefully, before putting our bags down, the flopping, ungracefully, onto the bed. I curled up against his chest, and he held me close.

"I'm scared, Ethan. So scared."

"Me too, baby girl. Me too."

The End

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