We can run but we can't hide

It was late at night and i was sleeping fitfully when my phone rang.it was Jerry and he sounded really upset."pack your things get julliana and all the money you can and meet us at the train station in 90 minutes" before I could ask why the line went dead.

I packed everything I needed and took out all my stashed money and bank card then headed to Jullianas house.I threw a pebble at her bedroom window and 2 minutes later she appeared in the window."Juli pack your things and cash and come with me quickly"I said in a hushed voice. 15 minutes later we were walking to the train station  wondering what we would find when we got there.

We saw Ethan first and ran over to ask what this was all about.I could see that they all had drying tears on their faces.Jerry told me about what had happened and that we were all leavig the country."but what if they target our parents again?" I asked."they targeted our parents to get to us,if we leave they should be ok"said Jerry.

We got on the train and that was the start of the long journey out of here.I couldn't sleep so i kept watch for the end of the line.I woke the others when we got there and we got off the train and headed for the nearest airport.on the plane Ethans phone went off."I thought you turned that off"I said."I..I did"he said.He put it on loudspeaker and a voice said "Ashes, ashes, we all fall down..."."creepy"i said.

I don't know how but i managed to get some sleep and when i woke the air hostess was just begining to speak."i hope you all enjoyed your flight we are now 5 minutes away from heathrow airport,London."we got off and collected our luggage.I had 1000 pounds in my wallet.That was my money from home and i'd cleared my bank card completely.We had changed our money at the airport.1000 pounds was good but we were likely to be here a while so we would all need jobs once we'd settled.

We went to a hotel and checked in.I finally managed some sleep and when I was out I slept like a log.For some reason I always sleep through the action and when I woke everyone was sorting their bags and getting ready to leave.The told me about the phone call and that we were splitting up partners together.We set off to a new world....

The End

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