Ellie: So Long

More trains, more journeys and more early mornings and late nights.

I cuddled up into Jerry, watching the window outside of the train and things whizzing past as I shivered. He tightened his arm around me, noticing that I was cold. 

I looked up at him, then looked around the carriage. It was completely empty, too early for people to be around, in a few hours early morning business men would probably hop on to work though. I looked back at him, just stared at his face. 

I traced the features of it with my eyes, the dark circles under his gorgeous green eyes that sparkled even when tired. His stone marble cheek bones that were so prominent and good looking, his brown curly hair that made me smile how he could never brush it properly. His skin colour that was in between tanned and pale.

He was looking away from me, his face serious, almost hurt. I touched his chin and made him look at me. His eyes caught mine, and it was almost like the first time i'd ever saw him. Really, saw him. 

"You..love Ally." I whispered.

I slid my hand onto the back of his neck, and fiddled with his hair. His hand reached for my cheek, stroking it gently with his thumb.

"No, I don't. She's gone, and you're the only person I want in my life now." 

He smiled and leant in, his lips touching mine. In that moment we went through a tunnel, pitch blackness filling the train.

He kissed me softly, like he was scared of hurting me, protective again. His eyelashes touched my face and tickled me. 

I hadn't kissed him like this in so long. 

I hadn't felt this way about him in so long. 

I hadn't loved him like this in so long. 

So long. So long. So long. 

Shame we didn't have so long. 

The End

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