Ellie: Run.

I awoke to the sound of my mobile ringing beside me, gradually getting up and fumbling for it, tired. I flipped it open.

"Yeah?" I croaked. It was silent on the other end, apart from heavy breathing from someone, "Hello?" I asked after a few minutes. 

"Hello." they finally replied, a man. His voice was rough and husky, like a 70 year old chain smoker. I froze. 

"Wh- who is this?" I whispered.


Then the line, went dead. 


"Well what are we going to do Jerry?! Where are we going to go?!"  I yelled, gathering up my things and shoving them in bags. 

"She's got a point." Ethan said. We were all in us girls room, the guys awkwardly standing there while the rest of us got our things together. 

"They are going to kill us." I hissed. 

"No they won't, I'm not going to let them!" Jerry yelled, shaking his fist. He scared me when he was like this, but I knew he was only being protective. We all sighed and sat down, thinking in silence. 

"Let's just leave, go on again. Don't make any decisions, don't think about anything. Just pick a direction and move. But, we're going to have to split up if we want to be safe." I wiped my face with my hands, terrified but trying to hide it. 

"Screw that I'm staying you." Jerry came over and pulled me up out of my seat, "Right, couples together. Ethan and Jade, Nick and Julianna and me and Ellie. We need to keep in contact, but only use pay phones. One of us will be keeping our mobile with us. If we need to meet somewhere we will. And if all else fails, we head back home." 

I looked up at him. 


The End

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