Jade: Stupid. Stupid Girl.

I couldn't sleep. How could I? I sat by the door, as if proteting the other two, who were in silence slumber. During the night, I got up, pulled my dressing gown on, and went out. The door closed, and I climbed the stairs to the boy's room. I knocked softly. A rustle came from inside. Jerry opened the door, in his dressing gown. His eyes were heavy with bags, and sweat on his forehead told me about his nightmare.

"Couldn't you sleep?" he asked, rubbing his eye. I shook my head.

"Nightmare?" I asked in return. He nodded. I glanced behind him. Nick was snoring, and Ethan turned over and grumbled. Jerry gave a smile. "I'm worried. It's too quite." I told him. He gave me a one armed hug.

"Jade? What was it like to die?"

"A little painful for me, because of the poison. Not too bad. Your soul just slips out, a bit like slipping out of a coat. It's wierd." I told him. "I wouldn't like to do it again anytime soon." I admitted. I looked at the long hall.

"Want me to walk you back?" he asked with a smirk.

"Naa, I'll just sprint there...yes please." I said in a small voice. We walked together in silence. I went to my door, and pushed it. It wouldn't open. I rattled it. I wouldn't open.

"Oh for the love of..." I cursed. Jerry jolted. I turned to him.

"I think you should come back to ours for the night." He murmured. We rushed back, and Jerry opened the door. Nick and Ethan were nowhere to be seen. Jerry pushed me in, and closed the door, laughing. His eyes had rolled back into his head. This room...It looked like Ethan's living room. I froze as Jerry tied me to a chair. I quaked there. Raiku, Ellie, Ally, Nick, Julez, Laura, Ethan's mother, Jerry's parents, my mother, and others I didn't recognize, were dead, scattered about, bodies. All of them had chains round their necks. With 'E' on them. Ethan sat across the room from me tied up, black tape across his mouth. He seemed to be trying to scream. The muffled cry stopped. Jerry took off the tape. Jerry, Ethan, and the dead bodies all began to chant as Jerry got closer to me. A drum beat sounded steadily, and I realized Ethan was banging it.

Jerry had a tiny bottle in his hand. He came closer, every drumbeat, and te chant carried on. He held my cheeks, forcing my mouth open. I dripped the liquid in, saying the last line in my ear.






I woke. I sat up. Ellie and Julez still asleep. Me still in the room, under the blanket. Stupid. Stupid girl...
The End

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