Jade: No More Secrets

As we got off of the plane, I looked about. I recognized this place. My mother had brought me here. I couldn't remember, but I thought it was England. We huddled together, scared to loose each other. As we exited the airport, we checked our wallets. We had quite alot between us.

I turned to them all now. "Hey guys? While we're here, I think we should have no more secrets. If we can't trust each other, who can we trust?" I asked then. They nodded, and we walked along in silence. We went to a close by hotel, and signed in. It seemed they were all book, so we could only get two rooms. We split the girls from the guys, and went to the room. We were a floor away from each other, that made me anxious. The girls and I were lower down, so the boys left us at our door. They kissed us goodnight, and there were a flurry of hugs, from everyone.

We went into our room, and I laid on the sofa, while the other two took the bed, going top and tail. I lay sighing, pulling my jacket over me. A dull knock came on the door, making me jump. I ot up, not disturbing the other two, who were exausted, and already asleep. I opened the door a crack, then grinned as I saw Ethan there. I opened the door fully, and saw he was holding a folded blanket.

"We got a double bed, and an extra blanket, so, I wondered if you did too."

"We don't. I'm on the sofa."

"Here." He unfolded the blanket, and wrapped it round my shoulders. He held me tightly. "You're right. No more secrets. I think that...that murder knows that we've come to Europe. I haven'y had anymore phone calls, and neither have the others. I think he, or she, is thinking about their next move very carefully."

"There's a boy and a girl, or a man and a woman. When I listened to that tape of Ring A Roses, I heard both genders singing."

"So we've got two to deal with. Damn it." he said, his lips to the top of my head. I put my head up gently, pecking his lips swiftly, before kissing deeper, our toungues entertwining. We pulled away, leaning our foreheads together.

"I love you." I told him softly. He smiled.

"I love you too."

"And I'm not about to lose you."

"And you've already died once. I won't let that happen to the expence of the same people." We bid each other goodnight, and left, smiling.

The End

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