Europe: Ellie

Jerry was asleep beside me on the plane, it was stacked with people, all asleep, people occasionally asking for pillows and glasses of water from the flight attendants. Jerry slowly opened his eyes and wiped his face, fidgeting around in his seat, uncomfortable. 

He looked at me and took my hand, "Ellie. Where are we going?" he asked for the final time. I looked into his eyes. 

"Europe." I whispered, trying not to wake the others. His eyes lit up at the word. 

"Europe?! No, Ellie we can't that's too far we're being too dramatic." 

"And you suppose we're going to just stay in America and wait for them to get us? No, Jerry we're jumping at the chance while we get it." 

"This is crazy Ellie." Jerry sighed, playing with my fingers. 

I didn't reply to that, I just looked out at the stars in the aeroplane window. We'd be alright, I knew it. Grab a hotel, get some jobs, we could make a living there or something. I knew we'd be okay. 

I hoped. 

The End

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