We All Fall Down

We traveled for so long, everything became a blur, like watching life go by through the windows of a speeding train. It all ran together, in one endless horror story.

Jade sat on my right, Jerry on my left, Ellie and Nick and Julianna across from me. We were silent, needing no words to communicate the pain we were all feeling. We were all in this together.

When we could go no further on the train, we got on a plane and flew. I don't remember where, it doesn't matter. There we were, a band of tired teenagers, who had endured more than anyone else on the plane. You couldn't tell from the outside, but anyone who had dared look into our eyes would have seen the torture there.

We were several hours in the air when the mask of peace that had settled around us was shattered by the ringing of my cell phone. We all jumped, and several other passengers shot me annoyed looks.

Hands shaking, I dug the phone out of my pocket, afraid to answer. Jade reached around and grabbed my hand. I closed my eyes and pressed the call button.

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down...

The End

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