On The Train To No - Where: Ellie

"Right. I've had enough of this. We're leaving, now." I broke the silence, looking sternly at everyone, but keeping my eyes off of Jade's dead mother.

"Don't be so ridiculous Ellie." Ethan shook his head.

"Ethan, look at us! Just look! We can't stay here! You think i'm not bothered by it too! We all know who's parents are going to be next and lord knows what's happened to Nick and Julianna! I don't know about you guys but i'm packing my bags, and I'm leaving. It isn't safe here."

"Ellie, it isn't safe anywhere. Running away from this isn't going to change anything." Jerry cut in, looking down at his hands awkwardly.

"It'll keep us alive. We all have enough money to keep us going. Train tickets, passports. We could go anywhere. But I am not staying here and watching my parents get murdered without doing anything about it." As soon as I said that, everyone's heads looked up. They knew that I was right, and that if we didn't move now, they'd know what we're doing and get us too.


We met at the subway station around 2am in the morning, waiting for our next train. We had our bags packed, money, passports, train tickets, everything. We were ready. But I couldn't stop thinking about the note I left my parents before I left.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you. But i'm leaving with Jerry. Keep yourself very very safe. Do not come looking for me. I will see you in the future though I promise. Don't worry either, I promise to be safe and i'm old enough to make my own decisions. I know that running away isn't going to help, but it doesnt change anything. Sorry.


With that, the train came, and we hopped on to no where. Resting on eachothers shoulders lazily.

On the train to no-where.

Like we were running away from a deseise.

From danger.


The End

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