I stood, walking out. A scream came on the wind. A women's scream. One I knew. I ran, and ran, through the tape, through everything. I stopped outside the house. The one I had died in. I felt so cold, as I saw. The door was open. This couldn't be happening. It was my father's death all over again.

Me and my mother had come home, to find the door ajar. We found my father inside, lying, and finger pointing at the door. He was still breathing. I had rolled him over. His face...ugh. Eyes gouged out, bloody, another arm a way off; his. And his last words. The ones I had hated.

Your fault, Jade. That ws what he had whispered, before laughing. He began chanting, singing, leering.

Ring a round the roses, a pocket full of posies, atishoo, atishoo, you will fall down. That was what he sang. Before dying.

I pushed the door open. My mother was nowhere to be seen. I looked about. I climbed my stairs, starting to cry as I heard it. The tape. The same song. I opened my door. I screamed. My mother was propped up there, eyes and mouth open, staring. Blood flowed from her neck, down her front. I felt so weak.

I tapped numbers into my phone clumsily. Ethan picked up, sounding sick.

"Jade? Babe, what's up?"

"Come...house. Please. I-ahhh..." I fell, the phone falling from my hand, as I saw the note at her feet.

Your fault, Jade.

 My sobs came out. I lay there, sobbing into my mother's bloody lap.

The front door banged open downstairs. Thud thud thud thud. Ethan opened the door. I felt him come close.

"Jade? Jade?! JADE?!?!" he screamed, shaking me.

"Eth...an..." I whispered, before getting control of everything, and pulling myself up, sobbing. The song went on. I stopped crying. I took my phone. I rang Ellie.

"Send some police over here."


"My mother is dead. And it' my fault."

"Jade...We're coming." Ellie's firm voice came before she hung up. I smiled. She and Jerry would come. And so would the police. But for now, I would lie on my mother's bloody body, and I watched as Ethan closed her eyes, and held me.

"I'm weakening. I'm so weak..." I whispered, falling to sleep.

The End

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