The Chant and A Roomful Of Blood

I brought myself to go back to Jerry's room, shaking. The music had always been a bad sign to me. Always. The tape clicked, the music stopping, but the tape still rolling. Two people laughed. A man and a women, or a boy and a girl. Maybe more. But they began to chant, giggling menacingly. "Ethan breath a life of gathering gloom. Ally Sorrowing, Ellie sighing, Jerry bleeding dying, Jade sealed in the stone-cold tomb." Something flashed, and the whole room was covered in blood. I realized something. Where were Julez and Nick? They should be here. I called them after Ellie. The song hadn't mentioned them. I guess the killers had turned their intrest. I covered my eyes. I opened them again. Laura and Ally wrapped themselves around me, touching my cheeks with their cold hands. They gave no comforting words, for none would work.
The End

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