In a Bath Of Vinegar: Ellie

Confused, I listened the the dead tone on my phone from when Jade had hung up. I couldn't be bothered to turn on the television so I made my way to Jerry's house to see what was happening. 

Walking there, my mobile ringed, I picked it up, "Hello?" I asked. 

"Hello, this is Detective Alders, I think you need to make your way to your boyfriend Jerry's house please." 

"Um...I'm making my way there now anyway." I replied, confused. 

"Alright, good." Then he hung up. I looked at my phone, now even more confused. What was going on?

Well for starters, his street alone was completely filled with police cars, ambulances, detectives cars, families cars, people, camera's, too much attention for my liking. i could tell that Jerry wasn't too happy about it either. I pushed my way passed everyone, saying the occasional 'excuse me' as politely as I could. 

I got to Jerry's house which had a sign and tape around it saying police sign do not cross. Behind it stood Jerry, tears in his eyes, face tortured like someone had pulled off his skin and put him in a bath of vinegar so he was in total agony. I ran under the tape to get to him, police men fighting me off. 

"Jerry! Jerry!" I screamed, punching and fidgeting out of their arms. He ran over.

"It's alright, she's my girlfriend!" he shouted at them, they immediately let me go. I charged up to him and touched his shoulders. 

"Jerry what's happened?! What's going on?! Why is everyone here!?" I asked. He nodded once into the direction behind him. I went inside, eyeing up the detective he was talking to. There were men in suits, collecting swabs from the kitchen, the door was left open slightly, so I opened it more. 

I took one look, one that only lasted a second and screamed, closing the door. Heads looked up at me and camera's flashes, thinking it was another death. I ran to Jerry and held him, crying into his shoulders. 

I was crying because I felt sorry for him, and because of how disgusting that scene was. I kissed him. 

"I'm so sorry, Jerry." I kissed him, "I'm so sorry."

The End

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