Silence Drowns - Jerry

The house was silent.
Completely and utterly silent.
The nothingness and the pure quiet slammed into me, after the street.
"MUM! DAD!" I shouted, breaking the layer of noiselessness that coated the building.
"I'm back!"
"Strange." I muttered to myself. "They should be here."
I stepped forwards and closed the door behind me.
Still, nothing greeted me.
I wandered into the kitchen, thinking little of it.
It was then that everything fell apart once more.
The walls were covered in blood.
The ceiling was dripping with blood.
There was a severed hand laying on the island unit in the middle of the kitchen.
The floor was slippery with blood.
It was a scene from a horror film. 
"Mum, Dad?" I whispered.
I took a step forwards, then my visage of strength vanished at the sight of a leg hanging on the wall from a large knife.
"MUM!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, breaking the pain barrier.
Tears formed in my eyes.
"DAD!" I sobbed. "WHERE ARE YOU!?"
Terror wracked through my body.
I walked a bit further, and almost threw up at the sight that I beheld when I turned a corner.
My father's head, cut into a Glasgow Smile, ripped open.
I turned and retched.
I couldn't take any more.
I sprinted out of the room, pure grief and terror crashing around inside me.
I grabbed the phone, and started to dial. 

The End

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