Come On Lovebirds: Ellie

"Jerry...while we were apart, what did you do? What was happening?" I asked, cradling my legs to my chest from the cold, he tightened his arm around me. 

"Things obviously got complicated. One night I woke up and my back door was open with blood on my shirt. I'd dreamt that i'd killed a girl..." He shivered and clenched his teeth. 

"So did I..." I looked at him worried, "But maybe you didn't, you could've easily not done it, maybe you were fidgeting around in your sleep from the bad dream and banged your head, that's why the blood is there. Surely we're just worrying. You wouldn't kill someone!" As soon as I said that, his eyes looked away from me, he sighed heavily, exhausted. 

"I don't even know if I did or not. Or even whether I would."  

"I know you wouldn't." I put my head on his arm, cuddling into him as he rocked me gently. 

"You don't need to worry Ellie, it'll all turn out fine in the end." I heard him, but I wasn't listening. 

I didn't know what the time was, but when it got a little late, a car pulled up at the bottom of the hill and a cop walked up it with a flashlight. 

"Come on love birds, up you get." He nodded once awkwardly. Jerry picked me up and took my hand as we walked through the alley. I froze midway through it. 

"Eleanor..." he whispered. I couldn't move, I didn't want to. This was the space that he'd kissed her. He took my shoulders, "Eleanor there is no one else but you. No one else i'd rather spend my life with. You can be the only one." I couldn't open my eyes to look at him, even though I wanted to. I hated it when he called me Eleanor.

So, even exhausted, he picked me up and carried me home. Where he kissed me goodnight at my front door, then left...

The End

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