Je promets de vous aimer pour toujours- Ellie

I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his cheek on my head. I didn't want to let go of him. How could I have been so ridiculously stupid. Made such a big deal out of it when it might not have been him. It was just a dream, and the kiss was just an accident. Jerry wouldn't lie to me. 

He whispered something french into my ear in a soft, romantic voice, taking my hair and fiddling with it in his fingers. 

"Je promets de vous aimer pour toujours."

"What does that mean?" I replied with a smile, he moved back to look at me. 

"I promise to love you forever." 

"Well then I do too." I smiled and he chuckled happily. We sat down on the grass, and after a long moment of silence I said, "It feels nice to be in your arms again." I looked up at the sky. 

"You always were." He kissed my forehead. 

The End

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