Like A First Kiss- Ellie

They kissed.

My heart stopped in horror. I couldn't move. I was going numb and I felt dizzy, but slowly, as I turned my head to the left I saw Ethan, even more heart broken then I was. 

After that things changed. Too much. 

I think I was in bed for about a  2 weeks, even worse then before. My mother just said that I had chicken pocks to the school nurse over the phone, but they couldn't be fooled that easily.  I was 15. I heard knocks on the door occasionally, and when I did I jolted up, my dad would always open it and say, "She's not in." slamming it hard. But one day, I didn't hear the front door slam, only my one opening. 

"Ells?" a voice asked, I opened my eyes. It wasn't Jerry, or Jade, only Ethan. I sat up. 

"Oh, hi Ethan." I croaked. It had been a while since i'd last spoke.

"Ells, seriously, what's happening?! What's going on?! Did you see that kiss? Jerry isn't coming in any more and neither are you! Something's happening!" I shivered at the thought of their lips touching. The lips that weren't mine. 

"Maybe Jade deserves Jerry after all..." I whispered. 

"You're joking right?" he closed the door and sat at the end of my bed cross-legged. 

"No, but...she's always been better to Jerry than I have. Always. She could take care of him-"

"Then who could take care of me?" he asked and I sighed. "Okay, so that's a bad idea but, Ells you've got to come back to school. You've got to speak to Jerry. We can fix this, we can sort it out."

"Ethan, he's been at my front door every day." I sighed. 

"Well let him in then!" 

"I don't want to speak to him, not after-" 

"Yes I know. And i'm exactly the same. But sometimes you've just got to do some things you don't want to. And you're going to do this." he grabbed his phone and dialed Jerry's number, "Now i'm doing this for you." 


I was back at the windmill. Jerry looked a mess, but not as bad as me. Bags under his eyes that were bloodshot, scruffy hair, bruises and cuts all over his arms. We stood a few metres apart, just staring at each other. 

I glanced down at my feet, but when I looked back up he was right in front of me, close enough to feel his breath tickle my face. He touched my cheek and whispered, "I've missed you." 

But the moment was too right, too perfect. The sun was just setting, and the gently breeze whipped my hair behind me. I couldn't help myself. 

I kissed him like it was mine and his first kiss. And didn't let go. 

The End

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