I Hate You!

I don't want him. I need Ethan.

Jerry offered to walk me back to Ethan's. We walked in silence. Ethan stood in the garden, arms folded. He looked at me, half in anger, half in horror.

"Blood..." he whispered. I still had Jerry's blood across my face. I watched his fist clench. "Why did you kiss him." He said in an almost calm voice. I gave a gulp.

"Ethan, I can explain."

"Then please do."

"I saw Jery hurt on the hill, so I went over to him. He was covered in gashes, cuts and blood. I gave him a big hug, to comfort him, since he came to me this morning, because Ellie and he had had a row, and I went to his the top of his head, in a comforting way, and he looked up. I then went and bandaged him up."

"Is that all that happened?" Ethan asked sharply, glaring at Jerry,  who wouldn't meet his gaze. Because His eyes were half open, half closed. I turned, looking at Jerry.

"Hey. Oi. JERRY!!!" I roared at him. His head came up, with a twisted smile on his face. His eyes had rolled back, into his head. I took a step away from him. Something was wrong. 

"Yeah, that's all that happened. And I liked it. Loved it even. Perfection in an accidental kiss..."

"Shut up." Ethan growled, pulling on my arm, so I fell onto him, and he held me tight.

"You won't be able to keep her for long. Before long...she'll be mine." he laughed, then stopped, his eyes returning to usual. I clutched onto Ethan.

"Jade, I haven't fogiven you quite yet, but what the hell is going on?!" he snarled.

"I don't know, I don't know...!" I sobbed, pushing myself closer to him.

"I...I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"Leave it. I'm not interested. And you. I'm going to have a long, hard think, and talk about and with you." He said, and he stormed inside, and sat by the living room window, staring into the sky, frowning.

My tears merged with blood. Pink tears ran like a river down my cheeks. "Listen. Trust me on this. I don't hate you." I whispered to Jerry. He gave a subtle nod.

"You've made Ethan hate me! He' probably gonna kick me out! He won't love me anymore... I hate you Jerry! I HATE YOU JOKER!!!" I screamed, crying, and fell onto his hest, pounding quite lightly on his shoulders. I fell to the floor. He fell too, holding me to him. I cried into his shirt.

"You don't hate me..." he said softly.

"I do, I do, I do, I do!!!" I sobbed. I pushed away from him, and ran. I ran and ran and ran, with Ethan and Jerry in pursuit. I stopped. I had come to the place where Raiku and I used to go. Two bodies lay there. One that had been dead for a while. Raiku. And one that had it's spirit slipping away from. I ungagged the female's body.

"Don't go."

"Jade? But you're dead!"

"Well obviously not. Now get back in that freaking body of yours, Sofia."

Sofia had been an old friend of mine. Smart girl. Age 14. Brown hair. Emerald green eyes. She looked like a younger version of me. Te spirit tried, but failed. She tied herself to me. Not literally. But she was know my guardian.

The End

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