School was awful. Horrible, traitorous thoughts swirled through my mind all day, and I couldn't pay attention to my schoolwork. Ellie was there, but no Jerry, and Ellie's eyes were red. Sadness, or anger? I couldn't work up the courage to talk to her, to tell her of my evil thoughts.

But there was that news report this morning...a young girl, found dead, gagged and tied to a chair with her wrists slit. Our little town had turned into something of a horror resort, people dying every other month...

And they were somehow all connected. Somehow the dead girl had some connection with whoever was playing their sick little game. But I'd never seen her before, and I didn't think Jerry had either...

Maybe my mind was only playing tricks on me.

The bell finally rang, after an eternity, and I grabbed my books and started home by myself. Jade had stayed home again today.

As I trudged by the hill on the way home, I noticed two figures silhouetted against the sun. And as I watched, one bent down, and the other looked up, and their lips met in a silent kiss.

Something in my heart twisted, like a claw reaching into me and setting my emotions on fire. I recognized the silhouettes--one was Jerry, and the other was Jade.

The End

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