Jade - Jerry

"It doesn't matter, don't worry about it." I replied quickly.
"Thanks." She mumbled, turning red a little bit.
There was another short silence.
I was feeling much more comfortable now.
"Can I get you anything..? A drink or something?" She enquired.
"Umm, yes please," I replied, "some orange juice would be nice, thank you."
Jade turned and wandered downstairs.
I lay back on my bed, reflecting on everything that had just happened in the past few hours.
Ellie's outburst, my encounter with Ethan, sitting alone, ripping myself up, and then Jade...
I shook my head as I pushed out the thought of her lips on mine.
"No!" I thought to myself.  "Get it OUT of your head." 
But it was perfect, and it was a beacon through the darkness echoing through my mind at the moment.
Just at that moment, Jade came upstairs, carrying a glass of juice for me.
"Hey." She said quietly, as her face cracked into a smile, and happiness that I had a friend with me now surrounded me once more.

The End

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