I Hate This.

I knew he'd keep it a secret. I wanted to know what he'd thought though. He hadn't pulled straight away, but had after about three seconds. Three long, awkward seconds. I went downstairs, and got a bowl of warm water and a bit of bandaging.

I went back up, and collected some tissue. He lay there, staring pained at the ceiling. I sighed, and knelt by the side of his bed. I helped him take his blooded shirt off, and I rubbed warm water over his stomach and wrists. I dried him with a soft towel. I bandaged his middle and his right arm. His left was still oozing. I had no more bandage. I wiped it clean, and whipped out the small sqaure of cloth from my pocket.

"Jade...that's your favorite..."

"Don't care. You're more important." I said, not looking up. I hated this. I hated to see my best friends in pain. I ripped it, and tied the two halves over each other on his wrist. I looked up at him. I sat on the bed beside him.

"I'm going to press on your stomach, see how much you've damaged yourself. Tell me if it hurts." I said softly. I pressed gently down on his stomach. His hand came to rest on mine.

"Thank you. So much."



"Even...that???" I asked in a small voice. I sighed. "Never mind, forget it."

"You can go if you want."

"No way! I'm not leaving you like this..."

"Why not! I'm fit as a fiddle!...Ow." he groaned, trying to jump up, but failing epicly.

"You dummy..." I sighed with a smile. "You can't get past me...apart from when it comes to poison." I laughed. Jerry rolled his eyes.

"Gawwd, my mum's gonna have a right fit when she seems me like this....or you here, for that matter. Coz knowing you, you'll most likely wait till someone else comes to take care of me."

"Got that right, buddy." He grinned.

An awkward silence filled the room. "I'm sorry about earlier. For...ahh...umm...you know..." I said shyly.

The End

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