This Is Sadness - Jerry

Nothing was said of the accidental kiss while she carried me home.
I was limp as she picked me up, and slowly walked back, except for a few sobs and coughs.
"There, there, Jerry, it's ok now, you'll be alright."
We arrived back, and she laid me carefully back upon my bed and stroked my brow a few times.
"It's all going to be ok now." She whispered.
My hand suddenly leapt out and clutched onto her wrist.
"It won't be." I cried. "It won't, no it won't."
She looked directly into my eyes. My bloodshot, terrified eyes.
A moment of silence as we stared at each other.
"Jerry, no-one must know about our kiss, right?"
I nodded.
"Good. Now, let's get you cleaned up." 

The End

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