An Accidental Kiss

A chill ran down my spine. Sobs echoed through my head. I twitched. I got changed, into long blue jeans, and an soft green tight vest top. I didn't bother with shoes. I ran, out of the house, out into the streets, to the hill. To Joker's Hill.

I ran up, and up. He lay there, curled, sobbing. his hands had blood across them, and his bare arms oozed with blood, along with his dark shirt, stained with blood from his belly. Those almost silent sobs. Not attention sobs. Lonely sobs.

I went round to his head, pullin him up, and holdin his close, stroking his head. Tears sprang to my own eyes. "Shhh... sh shh." I sobbed softly. His hands tried to push me away.

"No...don't wanna hurt you...don't wanna." he moaned, but I held him. He wrapped his arm under mine, and I could feel his nails gouging into my back. Not in hatred. Not trying to harm me. But because everything was hurting him. Paining his heart.

"Jerry, hey hey now, don't cry." I choked. I could feel his pain. I empathized. So much hurt. So much pain. He was no murderer. The murderer was playing with his head. Framing him. I wiped away my tears with blood stained hands, smearing Jerry's blood across my face. I sang softly in his ear. Only a few lines.

You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand...

I smiled softly, and leaned down to kiss his head. Just as he looked up. Our lips met.

The End

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