A Friend In Need

I curled up on Ethan's bed. This was wrong. All wrong. This couldn't be happening. Ethan stroked my hair. "I'm going to school now. I'll ring you at lunch, yeah?" he asked softly, kissing my forehead. I gave a stiff nod, and he tucked me into the warm covers.

I watched him leave, and sat up. "Ally! Ally!" I hissed. Ally appeared.

"Alright?" she asked, smiling.

I shook my head. "Bad dreams." I giggled nervously. A knock came on the door. I froze. Ethan was going to school, and his mother had gone shopping. I looked down at my pyjamas. It was a baby blue night dress that hugged my curves. It could get away  with being a summer dress. It came down to my ankles. I walked slowly, slowly downstairs. Iheld onto the door, breathed, and pulled it open.

"Jade..." Jerry stood there. I froze. His eyes were rimmed with diamond tears, and they were large and pleading. I sighed. It was just a dream. His eyes wandered, up and down, and gave a nervous laugh.

I smiled. I invited him in. We sat inthe living room, beside eachother. "You have to help me." he whispered. I started.

"Ellie thinks I've murdered a girl, and I had this really weird dream, and..."

"Let me take a guess. You woke up with red on your night shirt." he gulped, and nodded. He pulled the shirt from his bag. I swallowed. Ally gasped behind me, and began whispering in my ear.

"Shut up!" I hissed at her. Jerry looked at me.

"I didn't say anything...."

"I didn't say it to you..." I said softly. He looked me swapping his eyes, looking into both of mine. He looked like he was evaluating me. He threw his arms round me.

"I'm no killer...No killer. I couldn't hurt anyone if I tried!" he cried softly. I made him face me.

"I don't think you did. You know how Ellie and Ally look the same? I think someone or something is tapping into your mind. Try to keep your mind from wandering. Keep it focused." I told him firmly. He looked up, and my heart almost melted as a single shining tear fell.

"Jerry. You. Are. No. Murderer." I told him. I wasn't scared. He was a friend in need, and right now, he needed me. I kissed his forehead lightly. "It'll be fine." I told him. He held me, crying onto my bare shoulders. I shhed him, rocking back and forth. He buried his face, and I led him to the door.

"Why aren't you going to school?"

"I...can't tell you. You go." I smiled, giving him a gently shove. He grinned.

"See ya... Emerald." he winked at me, using the old nickname he used to give me.

"Later Joker." I grinned back.

The End

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