Oh, Jerry... - Ellie

I was starting to get overly worried. Too worried, over nothing. Absolutely ziltch. It was just a dream right? Only a dream?

Just a dream about Jerry killing someone. 


Morning finally rose, after lying in bed for several hours completely awake and terrified. I stumbled down my stairs and into the kitchen, making some toast and jam and switching on the television. 

The words came up at the bottom of the screen in big, bold print. 

Teenage girl murdered and gagged by mysterious killer. 

I dropped my plate on the floor, listening to the smash but ignoring it. A picture showed of the girl in my nightmare last night, tall, but with pixie-like hair. She looked a few years younger than me, and looked quite cute looking. A video of her parents showed up on the screen, both of them being interviewed in tears. 

The woman was crying and sobbing as she answered questions about her daughter. Her husband sat there motionless with his arms around her, no expression on his face, just staring emptily into the screen. 

"Whoever did this to our daughter is a sick, sick person. When I find out who it is, i'll gag and murder them too." The woman hissed through her teeth, glaring at the screen. 

I looked at her in shock.

Oh, Jerry...

The End

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