Too Terrified...

I lay, tossing ad turning in the bed, asleep. Tears ran down my cheeks in the dream, my hands tiedd behind the chair, by feet tied to the legs. I cried and cried, in the room. It looked like Ethan's living room, but with no windows, and no door.

He sat, watching me, yet not watching me. His eyes were closed, yet he could see my pain.  He was leaning, eaning against the locked door. I gulped. No one would hear me from here. He stood, throwig the small knife, then catching it again, over and over. He tucked my hair behind my ears, and whispered into my ear. I screamed at what I heard.

I woke, crying. Ethan was stroking my head. "Jade, it's time for school. Come on, it was just a dream." he soothed. I shook, and threw my arms round him, shaking, terrifed. I was too terrified to go down stairs. After that dream. I couldn't be real, but it terrified me. Those last words before I woke, the ones that haunted me so.

In my dream, "Play a little game with me Jade." Jerry had whispered.

The End

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