Nightmares Again - Jerry

I had a nightmare again last night.
It was horrifyingly vivid, like all the others.
I should probably go and see a doctor soon, because these are violent dreams.
Once more, I dreamed of murder.
I dreamed that I killed someone.
It was a quiet death, but it runs over in my head again, and I have a strange feeling of guilt in my stomach.
There was a girl.
A tall girl.
There was a meat cleaver.
There was blood.
A lot of blood.
I remember her being gagged.
I remember her eyes, staring.
Staring, staring, forever more. 
I must have bumped myself in the night, as well, because when I woke up, there was some blood on my shirt.
And when I headed downstairs, the back door was unlocked... 

The End

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