Still Your Guardian

In my dreams, I was being tossed around in a dark sea. A deep, bloody red sea. It rolled over me. It calmed, and I sighed, turning. I felt a weight being put onto my mind. Damn. I turned over, and sat up. I grabbed the bottom of my sleeve between my teet, and tore it off. I used it to mop up to cool sweat on his face.

"Ethan, please remember that I'm still, part...yeah, and I'm still your Guardian. Our minds are still slightly connected." Ethan looked at me terrified, as if scared that I could hear. "I can't hear what you're thinkin, but I can still feel your burdens heavy on my mind. Please, tell me what's wrong, sweetheart?" He shook his head as I wiped it.

"Calm down Ethan! You're shaking like a leaf, and you're gonna sweat me a stream!" I giggled. He gave a nervous smiled. I lay back down. I was still his Guardian, but only one thing kept me from being completely whole.

I needed to bleed. I needed to shed at least a drop of blood to become human. To become compleatly severed from Ethan's mind.

The End

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