The room was dark with the curtains drawn, but a faint breeze crept in from a crack in the window, cooling me from the nighttime summer heat. I couldn’t sleep. There was too much on my mind, and I was all too aware of Jade sleeping next to me, her body rising and falling with each soft intake of breath.

At least she was breathing.

Too much was falling into place. Raiku, the poison, Ally’s own mother. The list. Someone with a sick, twisted mind was playing a game, entertaining themselves with our fright, our efforts to keep each other safe.

And the awful, sick thing was, I knew how it felt. I knew what it was to enjoy the suffering of others, to take delight in their pain.

But everything had changed now. I had to Jade to think about, and Ellie, and Jerry. I had people who I cared about. Now I took delight in their joy, in the simple happiness of their smiles, instead of their fear.

I was on the other side now. But those that I had left behind were coming after me now. I had enemies, and they wanted me dead.

They wanted us all dead.

The End

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