Ellie: Night Time Disorientation

I couldn't carry Jerry out of the subway, I wasn't strong enough, so I had to just drag him so he sat upright against a wall filled with graffiti with his head on my shoulder as he lay there unconscious. 

He'd be alright. But it would take a while for it to sink in. 

After a lot of trying, I eventually grabbed some water from my back and threw it at his face.

"AH!" He jumped.

That did it. 

"Sorry, I got you a little wet. But you went unconscious and now everybody's gone home and I was lonely. And it's getting late." I smiled as he chuckled, kissing my head. 

"Come on, let's get home." I lifted him up as we walked back to my house together, "Wait. Am I not going back to my house?" He asked, confused. I laughed. 

"No way. You're house is ages away, and I'm not letting you walk home alone half dizzy and disoriented." I opened the front door, quietly shutting it behind me and taking off my shoes, running up the stairs with Jerry following. 

I opened my bedroom door and dumped my bag on the floor, flicking on my bedside light. 

"Hey...is that my jacket?" Jerry pointed to the jacket hanging on the back of a chair by my desk. 

"Pfft. No." I laughed, closing the door and smiling at him. He shook his head. 

"You rascal!" he shouted, picking me up and chucking me onto my bed, tickling me until I couldn't breathe out of laughter. 

"Stop! Stop!" I giggled in surrender, looking up at him. He took a piece of my hair and fiddled with it. I looked down, "I love you." I whispered, he took my chin and made me look at him. 

"I love you more." 

Then our lips met. 

The End

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