The search continues

I woke from my 5 day coma feeling terrible.I looked around but no-one was there.I took note of my surroundings.I was in hospital in a clean room with fresh flowers next to me on a bedside dresser.I was covered in wires and there was even a breathing tube over my mouth.It hit me then that they might have thought I wouldn't survive this.I pressed the call button and a nurse came in"ah your awake your friends left a while ago except the girl who is outside,she hasn't left your side for more than 5 minutes since you got here". "how soon can I leave,I'm not completely safe here.The person might come back to finish me off." "don't worry you can leave in about an hour."

As I left the hospital with julliana I texted jerry to find out where he was and to tell him I was up and out of the hospital.He texted back as quickly as possible.The text said:Nick thank God your up we have had alot happen today.I'll explain when you get here but for the moment I can only say be careful you aren't followed,keep julliana as close to you as possible and be on the look out for suspicious women... I frowned when I saw this...and make your way to the cafe straight away. I put my phone away and with julliana made our way to the cafe.

When we got there everyone was there and some man that was vaguely familiar to me.I racked my brains to who he might be.I had seen him come to allys house a few times before she died.Then I realised it was her uncle."I hear alot has happened today,I assume that allys uncle has helped us a great deal then?"i said.So i sat down as they explained how Raiku had been killed,how he had left a coded note to jade which gave a counting down list of who would be next.I saw julliana next in line and gasped.

Instinctively i reached out to hold her hand.It must have been an accident that i was hit first,they had meant to attack julliana.Unless i did something to make them attack me first i thought.t must have been my research into the killer.They could have found out and realised i was dangerously close to finding them.then allys uncle told me that allys mother had killed ally and that she was missing since ally died.This was even more frustrating than not knowing who the killer was.Now we knew exactly who but didn't know at all how to find her.

When  i had calmed enough to speak again i said"we must find her and that means we are going to need help,I suggest we start by going back to detective alder and us all telling him what we have found so far.He will likely be amased by how much we found out but because of it he can help us find allys mother.Me,julliana and allys uncle will go to detective and tell him what we know while jerry and ellie will begin to search through the southern half of the city,and ethan and jade will search the northern half to try and find allys mother.Try to be as thorough as possible.The search continues now and I will not stop until the killer is caught and we can be safe again." i could see by the look on their faces that everyone was surprised by my speach but they also looked willing to do what i said.At that we went off into seperate directions in our groups to our destinations.

The End

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