Hate - Jerry

I shook with anger.
Absolute, incredible, pure anger and hate swirling around inside of me.
My heart was full of hate. 
My world seemed to, at this moment, revolve around awe that someone so close to Ally would kill her.
My fists clenched together in anger and I started to shake violently.
Just at that moment,  Jade and Ethan ran past the shop, Jade crying and screaming, holding the body of the new boy.
At that sight we rushed out as she whispered into Ethan's ear.
"They've got a hit list." Ethan told us.
"She has a hit list." I said.
"What?" Asked Ethan surprised.
Bitterly, I spat out the new information.
"Ally's mother killed her. Her own mother." I let out a sob.
"HER DAMN MOTHER!" I suddenly exploded.
I had reached boiling point.
Everyone suddenly fell quiet and stared at us.
The laughing which had been following us had stopped.
I let out a jagged scream, and started to cry again.
Now that was three of us.
Max, Jade and I.
"IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, BURN IN HELL." I absolutely shrieked at the top of my lungs, so loud it was painful to let out and hear.
"Jerry, I.." Ellie started.
"BURN! BURN! BURN!" I fell to the ground.

The End

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